Hi, thank you for visiting Derayeonline.com.

My name is Alexandra Deraye Funches, Founder and Creator of Deraye Bath and Body Products.  Deraye was founded in 2005 with a commitment to providing quality all natural bath and body products for all skin types. After earning a Bachelors of Arts and Science degree from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University , I realized my true vision was to become an entrepreneur. During the holidays of 2005, I brainstormed on different ideas of creating handmade products that could be used for “gift giving”. While examining a variety of choices, I had a thought, why not develop a line of all natural bath and body products! I knew that I could develop the product line myself. The decision was made------I did extensive amounts of research, used my savings to fund my vision, obtained the ingredients I needed and went to work. 

What I thought would be a simple project turned into the mother of all messes in my kitchen---however i throughly enjoyed every minute of this creative process. When i decided to field-test the first batch , I chose my family and closest friends to be my first customers. When i distributed the products to everyone my request were simple; use the products for a week, then give me honest feedback by completeing a survey and comment card. As to be expected all of my family and friends enjoyed the products samples, and asked for more.

Over the years I have created and cultivated my product line. I have perfected my "Holiday Gift Giving" idea and created pure, wholesome recipes for products the masses are sure to love. I have expanded my ideas of creative packaging ,showcasing and marketing.

I'm sure that you will take great pleasure in using these products --- just as much as I take the pleasure in creating them .

Thank You and ENJOY!